MPHS Council Members Determined to Help Residents Fight Aedes

The Gotong-royong Fight Aedes, Dengue Eradication program was carried out at Surau Al-Iman, Batang Kali for Locality 8, Batang Kali involving Jalan Meranti 6, 6A, 6A/1, 6A/2, 6A/3, 6A/4 and Jalan Meranti 8 on 13 November 2022 organized by Councillors, Hulu Selangor Municipal Council Zone 11 & 12.
This program is carried out because the area is a dengue fever hotspot. The council congratulates all parties involved especially councilor Mr. Murali a/l Samee (zone 11), Mrs. Tan Lai Zhen (zone 12), Surau Al-Iman Committee Member, Hulu Selangor District Health Office, COMBI, MPHS Enforcement Department and the Department of Solid Waste Management and Public Cleaning in making this program a success.
Residents are reminded to often do the following to prevent the home environment from becoming a breeding ground for Aedes mosquitoes, including:
1. Take 10 minutes a week to clean your home environment.
2. Dispose of containers that can hold water.
3. Make sure the water tank, water catchment container is closed.
4. Do an aerosol spray in the evening to kill adult mosquitoes.
The public is also advised to seek immediate treatment if there are symptoms of dengue fever such as high fever, headache, joint pain, nausea and vomiting and diarrhea.



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