Providing services and processing business-related license issuance to traders in the area of the Hulu Selangor Municipal Council guided by Acts, Enactments and Bylaws in force

List of Business Licenses Approved Within 24 Hours: (please click here for more information)

Type of License Issued (Charged Fee is Annual)

No License
1 Premises License / & Advertising License For Business (Business Trade)
2 License Permit / Advertisement / Banner
3 Public Entertainment License
4 Public Market License (Rented with MPHS) (Composite Form for license application and stall/market/workshop/business space for premises and advertisements at MPHS)
5 Hawker License (Push Cart / Folding Table Hawker)
6 Hawker Site License (Morning Market & Temporary Hawker)
7 Mobile Hawker's License
8 Dog License

Type of Permit Issued (Charged Fees are Based on Time Period)

No Permit
1 Night Market Permit
2 Sidewalk Permit (Placing Table Chairs for Restaurants / Eateries)
3 Sidewalk Permit (Parking Goods on the Premises Sidewalk)
4 General Temporary Permit (Expo / Promotion / Tent Installation)
5 Show Permit Stage (Entertainment)
6 Ramadhan Market Permit
Documents Required For License Application
Premises License / & Advertisement License For Business (Business Trade)
  • 5 copies of the application form completed in CAPITAL LETTERS and clear (including the original form)
  • 2 copies of Form A (Business Registration) and Form B and Form D (Registration of Business Changes) according to the Business Registration Ordinance 1965 (SSM Address is the same as the Business Address) or Memorandum and Articles of Association for the Company Form 24 (Return of Allotment of Shares) and Form 49 (Return Giving Particulars in Register of Directors, Managers and Secretaries and Changes of Particulars) in accordance with the Company Registration Act 1965 which has been certified by the Company Secretary.
  • 2 copies of the Rental Agreement (if rented) which has been stamped or the permission of the owner of the building (if not the building itself) which has been certified by the Commissioner of Oath / Commissioner of Oath.
  • 2 copies of the grant (if an old building / private land) or a copy of the Lease Purchase Agreement
  • 3 copies of Certificate of Eligibility to Occupy the Building ( CF )
  • 2 copies of the Grant or 'Sales and Purchase Agreement'
  • 3 copies of assessment tax receipts (already paid)
  • 2 copies of land tax receipts
  • 4 photos of the premises (4 different sides and 4 colored copies 1 front, 1 back, 2 inside)
  • 5 copies of the location plan (not Google Maps)
  • 2 copies of the floor plan
  • 3 copies of the sketch showing the complete details of the advertisement
  • 3 copies of the approval of the Language and Library Council
  • 2 recent passport size photos of the applicant.
  • 3 copies of the applicant's identity card
  • 2 copies of doctor's examination letter including Typhine VI injection- For Food and Beverage Operators (Including applicants & Employees & IC)
  • 2 copies of Food Handling course certificate- For each food and beverage operator only (Including applicants & Employees & IC)
  • 1 copy of internal / external modification document
  • 1 copy of fire extinguisher purchase receipt.



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