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Hulu Selangor District (formerly spelled Ulu Selangor) is one of the districts located in the north of the State of Selangor. From a geographical point of view, the Hulu Selangor District is located in the north of the Klang Valley with an area of 174,047 hectares, almost the same area as the State of Melaka. The total population is approximately 178,500 people (2005) or 3.7 percent of the total population of the State of Selangor and is now increasing in line with current development.

The Hulu Selangor district is also the largest of the nine districts in the State of Selangor. It borders Perak State to the north and Pahang State to the east. The district which was once known as "The Sleeping Hollow" and is located in an area marginalized from the abundance of national progress, has now made strides by intensifying development and progress in all areas in line with the Selangor State's vision towards "Ideal, Prosperous and Prosperous State" .

Nowadays, the Hulu Selangor District can be proud of the existence of various mega projects such as the Second National Car or Perodua area, industrial areas, housing, tourism, modern cities in Bukit Beruntung and Bukit Sentosa, Sungai Buaya, Serendah, Batang Kali and Lembah Beringin in Kerling. The construction of the PLUS highway interchange in Bukit Beruntung and in Lembah Beringin added to the vibrancy of the development of this area.

Sungai Selangor used to be the main means of communication that connects Bukit Fraser bordering the State of Pahang to Kuala Selangor and other rivers such as Sungai Serendah, Sungai Batang Kali, Sungai Liam, Sungai Inki, Sungai Kerling and Sungai Bernam. The area at the foot of the Titiwangsa Range is rich in green hills and has attracted the attention of the tourism industry as well as the establishment of educational institutions in this district.

In addition to the PLUS north-south highway network and the main federal road from Kuala Lumpur to Tanjung Malim, there is also a network of state roads such as Hulu Yam to Sungai Tua, Batang Kali to Genting Highlands, Sungai Tengi to Batang Berjuntai and Kuala Kubu Bharu to Bukit Fraser. All of them are the gateway to the Hulu Selangor District which is a Catalyst towards even more rapid development.

Hulu Selangor District began to exist during the beginning of the British rule in Kuala Kubu Bharu which is on 12 May 1883, after nine years of British intervention in the State of Selangor.

During the British era, the Hulu Selangor District Administration was known as the "Collector and Magistrate of Ulu Selangor" and among its officials were Cecil Ranking and Mac Carthy when Frank Sweettenham was the British Resident in Selangor. Initially the district administration was located in Kuala Kubu (old) which is now known as "Ampang Pecah". The transfer to a new administrative place on September 1, 1930 as it is today is because the old city area is located in a low-lying area and frequent large floods occur.

Source: Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia (JUPEM)

This district has 13 sub-districts which are:
No District Area
1 Hulu Bernam (Utara dan Selatan) 44,680 11,0405
2 Kalumpang 4,144 10,240
3 Kuala Kalumpang 3,885 9,599
4 Sungai Gumut 4,144 10,240
5 Sungai Tinggi 16,006 39,550
6 Kerling 17,534 43,326
7 Ampang Pecah 4,143 10,237
8 Buloh Telur 2,589 6,397
9 Pertak 20,383 50,366
10 Rasa 8,262 20,416
11 Batang Kali 16,265 40,191
12 Hulu Yam 11,111 27,456
13 Serendah 12,901 51,647
Jumlah 174,047 430,070

Source: Selangor District & Land Office, 2007



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